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there are many locations received no measurable rain. there is a few hundredths of an inch and 14/100ths in santa rosa which is getting heavier. >> and thank you, spencer and abc 7's wayne freedman joins us live. >> people are creatures of habit to some degree. and we'll show you the creek to show you how much it's rained. this flood level is two feet. flood stage is way over my head and i haven't reached it. there are times when i would be underwater over here and there is reservoir in the
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north bay. the water supply is not as bad as pictures indicate. and there is mostly because it's filled with runnoffs. the rest of the county is only 4% of normal. and there is not denying having a level. >> if there is water rationing in your vernacular? >> not yet. 80% of the water supply is from the russian river. and transports are about 80%. we're in good shape on the russian river. but... we could use that local supply to make sure we're in good shape. >> and after the rain, he predicts reservoir will look the same at least until the
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ground sat rates. 20 inches of rain is what it takes to get that filled and that is the rain coming and it's falling a bit. and to paraphrase this is pay back for months of surfing and riding his bikes he's had time. and there is a water level where it's been but well... let's hope it doesn't get that high but fills up a little bit. rrting live, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. >> and moving on now. sheriff ross mirkarimi entered not guilty pleas this afternoon to charges of misdemeanor domestic violence, child endangerment. and they stem from when police say was a new year's eve argument between mirkarimi and his wife.
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and she told the judge she wanted to have the protective order lifted as it's keeping him away from her and her young son. the judge said she was not allowed to grant that request which led to an hour of discussions with attorneys. and we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> now, abc 7's dean johnson is here with us. and the plea isn't a surprise. >> no. the plea and arraignment just set for litigation. and mirkarimi has to decide that key decision. >> how important that there is a second friend or neighbor that says he confirmed some of the abusive reports we've heard about? >> that is critical. the second witness is so important because she didn't come forward and she was found
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by a neighborhood canvas. she was a independent witness and that is going to be important for the prosecution. >> and there is pretty typical in these cases. what do you think the judge is likely to do here? >> i think going to impose a protective order, very common. every day it happens victims say it was a mistake. and this judge knows victims say that for all sorts of reasons and there is a child involved here, the protective order i think will stay throughout the litigation. >> this could go on sometime, then. >> yes. this is a case where there is going to be a lot of investigation by both sides to prepare for the case. this trial could be a ways down the road. >> and dean johnson, thank you. >> sure. >> at uc berkeley occupy cal
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prot yefrts meeting inside of a library. students holding what they're calling a study n they're protesting cuts to hours and staff positions. this is in solidarity with protesters converging on uc riverside for a meeting there. >> today, protesters stormed that meeting requesting that hikes to be discussed and the meetings started up again after a 45 minute delay but what is supposed to be an open meeting is now closed to the public. >> and an accident shutting down muni service two hours this morning is still affecting commuters. a man drove his suv into a subway tunnel and it's still there. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.
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and workers can't get into the tunnel to make repairs until after the evening commute. >> uni employees saw it happening and didn't believe it. >> when we did realize what he's doing this is like no. it can't be. not this morning and he went in. >> and employees jumped trains and ran in after it. and there are pictures of the end result. a crashed suv within the area. saying the driver appears to be drunk. >> only thing he said is that i'm not from here. >> so? >> he said, we can see. >> officials had to shut down both directions and created a mess from commuter autos
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they'll get it squared away. it's just not going to be snappy. we'll have to make do. >> making do wasn't so easy. there were buses to shuttle but getting a spot was tough. >> i came down here. got to love it frustrating. >> and muni had problem was people trying to drive into the tunnel before. and it happened this morning. crews dealing with this mess shooed a confused driver away. they put up signs warning people to stop. but that didn't work this morning. >> in 22 years i've never seen anyone going into the tunnel like did he and go that far. >> the driver was not hurt but was arrested on suspicion of dui. >> and the 49ers playoff bid is a boon for some businesses. they're selling out of
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everything from niners gear to tail gating party foods. and nick smith is in san jose where 49er fever is contagious. nick? >> it is. i have to tell you that the rain is a bit of foreshadowing this, is what fans can expect sunday. you know fans are great reason why football is as exciting as it is in this game it won't woe won't be different. take a look at the video. ticket price maze have people doing a double take and since the win tickets have been in high demand. take a look at the prices we found. a single ticket on stub hub starts at $378 and could is just one reason this fan and family will entertain at home, enjoying from the sofa with a view of every play behind a
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flat screen tv. >> tough game. we've got homefield advantage and nice rain hopefully that bay area weather. >> any day niners have been playing has been good for business. so we can see that picking up, last weekend up about 30% over a saturday. >> and prices varied and they represent tiff from the bbb recommends you may close attention. warning when prices reaching $2000 fees and scammers have gotten more to fis ti indicated in efforts to fool unexpecting buyers and they recommend you validate with an authorized source and if you have been victim of fraud you that contact the police immediately.
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>> and great advice on the tickets. we love updating the niners. this family says jim harbaugh should sign parker, eight months old, already wearing clothes made for two and a half years old z there is this photo of her 49ers snowman. and if you want to share your pride up load your video at you 7 and there is more ahead. how sleep habits could make you gain weight. >> that is what it is. huh? things are less than perfect for kodak. emily chang has the story live. >> and mark wahlberg is apoll
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you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352.
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a lot of teen-ages girls are clueless about chances of getting pregnant according to a report. the ddc surveyed a thousand teen moms and a third said they didn't use birth control because they didn't believe they'd get pregnant. 13% said they had trouble getting it. >> and elderly nursing home residents with dementia are three times more likely to fall and hurt themselves if given antidepress yents. and that they had an an increased risk of falling.
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the society is now calling for more research to investigate alternative psychiatric treatments for the elderly. >> failing to get enough sleep could be sabotaging your diet and that is a conclusion of a new small sturdy. researchers looked at a dozen men and found they tended to be hungryer after getting no sleep. researchers say it finds lack of sleep could be leading to us eat more when we don't need to. >> and biggest of the big names in technology are out with earnings. and for a glimpse of the record cards we go live to today's after the bell report. >> with this quarterly look into that business. ibm starting off strong and profit rose thanks to rising
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software demand. intel is showing signs it may be better positioned to weather a post pc world than thought. microsoft is benefiting and the surprise was google a sign a broader economy is taking its toll on advertising. and analyst says it's possible a sign things may be getting tighter down the road. now, shifting to kodak after a century in the business it has filed for bankruptcy protection as more consumers embrace digital ram cameras and kodak couldn't sell patents. the company burned through cash as the ceo tries to turn night a company making printers for publishing, packaging and advertising. so the big question now is whether kodak can preinvent
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itself and experts say they need to get lean by selling business lines and patents or investing wisely in certain technologies. and checking out the rest of the numbers today, stocks higher for a third day. and there are more big banks reporting their earnings. and apple announced it's push into the textbook business earlier today. and a follow up on yesterday's internet blackout. a day of protests pushed some to withdraw their endorsement. eight senators have withdrawn support bringing to light another story i know you're covering. justice department investigation into megaupload of a file sharing web site. we've learned in response the hacker group anonymous says it
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knocked the web site off line and is claiming credit for taking down web sites of the motion picture association of america and universal music. it occurred just hours after this doj shut down megaupload. back to you. >> and let's get a check on the forecast now. rain arrives. >> we've been waiting for it. people are going when is it going to be over? sunday afternoon? >> we hope. >> and this is a live view from mount tam camera. it's windy and rainy with waves of rain and there is most of this is light but there is moderate to heavy
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rain and this is where it's heavy. there is a rather large area of moderate to heavy rainfall. so there are highlights, wide spread rain tonight. rain rainy and windy tomorrow. and finally snowfall coming to the sierra. there is high pressure giving way to advancing rainfall z behind that we've got a second strong storm, stronger one coming in tomorrow, and yet the third storm coming in late sunday so jet stream is active and storm track is active and we're going to get wet weather. there is at 7:00 we'll have a warely wide spread rainfall and that will move through during late night hours and overnight just areas of rain and showers, but by afternoon with arriveal of the warm front there is another dose of
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heavy rainfall into mid afternoon hours and there is a driving conditions could be challenging and we'll have pockets of rainfall that is wide spread, overnight we'll see trailing showers that will taper skpof give way to mainly dry conditions. there is rainfall totals up to four inches. one to two inches in the east bay and there is winter storm warning in affect until 4:00 saturday afternoon. there is hazardous driving conditions likely. bay area, rainy, windy, messy. similar conditions near monterey bay. and there is the accu-weather
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forecast. next wave of rainfall, another storm sunday late sunday, so there is a chance the game could get into the second half but it's coming. and mid week, sunny, mild again. >> and there we go again. >> and there is jay-z's paternity sleeve over. >> beyonce and jay-z's baby girl is almost two weeks old. mommy is taking care of her new duties daddy has to get back to work, maybing a public appearance, reopening of his own nightclub, 4040. and nick cannon speaking out about his kidney problem that
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landed him in the hospital. saying at one point he thought he was going to die. today he wrote feeling great today. actor mark wahlberg is apologizing for comments made in a recent interview saying if he had been on a september 11th airplane, quote it won't have went down like it did. he called his comments ridiculous. and hollywood is buzzing about the thriller "the river". and excitement grew as fans lined up for a special sneak peak screening. and don't forget to get a head start on oscars and for everything entertainment just look up "on the red carpet". and it's a dog eat dog gal yachlsy. a preview sure to be a force in super bowl ads just ahead.
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>> keeping pet theme, later, bovine luxury. one farmer says it's well worth to it give his cows water bed autos then at 5:00... new guidelines for heart attack patients. why they should shy away from having an affair. >> and 4:22 on a wet thursday afternoon. you know the drill checking out downtown san francisco. if it rains, everybody is behind the wheel and going slowly. that is just the way it works and it's gridlocked heading towards bay bridge or trying to get down the peninsula. stay with us.
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golden gate bridge officials gearing up by giving the public a look at day-to-day operations. we're not just talking about toll takers but shop worker who's cut custom made ribbons and engineers that blow the fog horn. 16 babies born on the bridge and an ostrich crossed the span. nothing compares to when the bridge was jammed, shoulder to shoulder with pedestrians causing people to just faint. >> in order to get them from the middle of the bridge back out to first aid stations they'd hand carry them. >> not doing that again. and lesson learned. there will be a festival along the water front on memorial day. >> and you've heard it's a dog
4:26 pm
eat dog world and does that sound familiar? >> yes. >> video of the dogs barking the theme to "star wars" has become the most popular video. it will make sense on super bowl sunday when it debuts. >> and deep thoughts here. >> still ahead, the audio recordings that prove just how confusing thicks were when the cruise ship just moments before it went down. >> and maybe your children are asking for an ipad. apple has a product that could turn that want into a need.
4:27 pm
also ahead... >> and he was asking to have an open marriage. >> newt gingrich's ex-wife says she thinks he's morally unfit to be president. >> and looking over san francisco, wet weather pattern is underway and there is more still to come. the forecast is straight ahead. ee
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and then there were four. podiums that is rick perry dropped out of the republican presidential race today and was removed a podium from the stage for the debate. >> abc has more on that and the bomb shell dropped by one of newt gingrich's ex-wife
4:30 pm
autos eyes of the political world will be in charleston. newt gingrich appears to be gaining ground with just two days left. >> the only conservative option to a massachusetts moderate is newt gingrich. we have conservatives to unify, we'll win decisively. >> the former speaker of the house was handed a gift today. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign and endorsing newt gingrich. >> feeding the social conservative vote is down to gingrich or rick santorum. and and officials now say santorum received 34 more certified votes than romney. >> says that we can win elections because we defeated mitt romney in iowa. >> santorum may benefit from this abc exclusive.
4:31 pm
gingrich's second wife speaking about their bitter divorce. >> i said to him newt we've been married a long time. and... he said, yes. but you want me all to yourself. calista doesn't care what i do. >> what was he say something. >> asking to have an open marriage. i refused. >> this morning gingrich declined to comment. >> i'm not going say anything about marian. >> in a poll before perry dropped out gingrich was trailing by seven points in south carolina. 37% to 30%. >> and the exclusive interview's exwoo wife airs tonight on night line. >> and president obama is now targeting tourism as a way to create more jobs and made a pitch this morning from disneyworld icon fess i am excited to see micky.
4:32 pm
it's always nice to meet a world leader who has bigger ears than me. >> and he got down to business unveiling a plan to make it easier for tour dwroifts get visas visitors from emerging economies spend up to $5,000 each time visiting the u.s.. the president says making it easier for them to do business here will create jobs. >> we want spending money here in orlando and florida and united states of america. and this will boost our businesses and our economy. >> tourists add about $8 bill wrin to the bay area economy. president says more than a million jobs could be created if the u.s. increases it's share of the international travel market. >> and economy is inching up. weekly unemployment applications are lowest they've been in four years. number of people applying dropped 50,000 last week.
4:33 pm
the average is where hiring takes over to push down the unemployment rate. california is still hurting and jobless claims here grew by 22,000 because of layoffs and in the fishing undus stories. and wisconsin saw a drop of 7600. >> apple with new apps for ipad could turn a request into something of a demand. >> apple says this will revolutionize the classroom but many school districts say it may not be for them. this first product announcement from apple since the death of the founder would have made steve jobs proud. >> i'm proud and the first to tell you about the brand new i
4:34 pm
books two. >> it makes textbooks prettier and full of things you can't do on paper. >> i don't think there has been a textbook starting with such a great intro movie. >> and a software for creating textbooks. and what apple did not say is how many will be able to use this new technology. the books cost $15 but ipads start at $499. and the company did not announce plans to discount or give those away. most school districts won't be be able to afford this technology. >> it's something where we have a low budget for ed oox this might be a lesson in marketing. apple already knows kids wanted ipads more than anything else this christmas.
4:35 pm
now, they can tell parents it's for doing home work. and at 6:00 we're going to show you one school where kids use either an ipad or lap top at home z it's innovative. it works like this. instead of delivering a lesson in the classroom, the teacher does it via pod yaft. and next day the student does it in the classroom with the help of the teacher and other students. and that is happening in san francisco and we'll have it at 6:00. >> and it's fascinating concept. >> still ahead a look at a ship wreck in new zealand. >> power outage or ship wreck?
4:36 pm
calls from an italian cruise ship. >> jude law gets something in return for the british phone hacking scandal. >> and checking traffic again, you know about rain. this is a look at the approach to the golden gate bridge. traffic is slow moving dweesently into san francisco. more on the weather, here is spencer. >> there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. rain in the north bay now between cloverdale and jant rosa. and there is a snow falling in the sierra. not heavy gettett but getting heavier. rainfall totals around a quarter inch mark. so i'll show what tomorrow looks like in just a moment with my forecast as abc 7 news
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divers are searching for those still missing after the ship ran aground. a cook aboard the ship now claims the captain ordered dinner for himself and a young woman after the wreck. and abc reports authorities have a lot of questions for that woman. this is a wonl authorities believe may provide details in the disaster. in this interview with a television station, the 25-year-old defended the captain claiming he helped save 3,000 lives by steering
4:40 pm
the ship closer to land she confirmed she was with him at the time of the wreck ask says the captain was still on board at 11:30 that night when she made it off the ship. contradicting reports from eye witnesses saying he was on the dock hours before most passengers escaped. skatino changed his story, first saying the collision threw him into the water, now he says he tripped and fell into a life boat while saving others adding to confusion this, call between the coast guard and cruise officer recorded 40 minutes after the ship ran aground. [ speaking italian ].
4:41 pm
>> this conversation took place, panicked passengers were rushing to put on life jackets. nearly a week later divers continue a grim recovery mission. 11 people are confirmed dead, 21 still missing. >> another ship in distress this, one in knew zealand. it's a cargo ship that ran aground in october but has been trapped on a reef and many containers can't be reached by crane. 500 of them are unaccounted for and there is another problem. the stench. there is odor from rotting food that can be smelled for miles. the ship could stay until december. >> and in britain the first of what is expected to be many settlements in the phone hack scandal. and this is upon news of the world tabloids shocked people.
4:42 pm
and settlements for 36 people were announced today including actor jude law. 15 settlements totalled $1 million. and news of the world closed last year. >> coming up on the news at 4:00 one of the most-popular web sites goes off line. feds take down a file sharing site. also ahead... >> i always thought if a parent gives kongsent, then, it's fine. >> one family's permanent memorial brings child endangerment charges.
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this is heavenly mountain resort. there are chain restrictions in place now on interstate
4:45 pm
880. and be sure to pack your chain autos and the federal government shut down one of the larnlest file sharing web sites today and anonymous is coming back with a shut down. megaupload listed as 13 most popular internet destination this, shows big name celebrities promoting the site. prosecutors now accuse megaupload of violating internet piracy laws and wants a denial of service attack against the justice daepts web site as well as sites for recording and motion picture industries. >> one more look at the forecast. rain arrived it has. spencer christian is here with the latest. >> many of us are happy about that. take a look at doppler 7 hd. heavy rain is still north of the golden gate and is pushing
4:46 pm
south ward. there are heavy down pours and tomorrow, state wide, we can expect a wet day. northern two thirds of the state. so from big sur to fresno northward and beyond and down south, drier, milder. highs of 73 degrees in palm springs. and 64 will be later in the day or evening. and we'll call it wet and windy and high temperatures around or just above 60 degrees, uniformed readings for the most part. maybe a degree or two cooler there. highs from about 58 up to 60 in palo alto and mountain view. mid to upper 50s on the coast. and downtown san francisco there is a wet weather in the north bay as well and there is
4:47 pm
near east bay highs upper 50s up to 59 in oakland and hayward, fremont. inland east bay around 60 degrees. and near monterey bay, milder. highs about 60 degrees. and this is going to be windy and winter weather. >> and you're smiling about it in washington state they're in the. they're under a state of emergency. conditions the governor made this to help deal with aftermath of a powerful winter storm that dumped rain across the region. it allows national guard troops to move in necessary. one person died as a result, tens of thousands of people without power, seattle's airport bogged down with cancellations and delays. >> 65-year-old woman managed to board a plane with a loaded gun is apologizing to the pilot and passengers for
4:48 pm
putting them through all of that. and the attorney was arrested yesterday for carrying a 38 caliber handgun on board. she got past screeners and on to an american airlines flight. by the time screeners realized what they're say seeing she and the bag long disappeared. the tsa scrambled to find the passenger delaying 11 flights. >> and most of the airport security is security theater that. is unfortunate. and weapons have gotten through. >> and she faces thousands of dollars in civil penalties, her attorney says she forgot she had the gun with her. a georgia woman facing cruelty charges after taking her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo. she said she didn't know it was illegal. her son had a good reason to
4:49 pm
want the body art. her other son was hit and killed by a driver two years ago. she has tattoos in mem skpri says her 10-year-old was with him when he died. >> my son said mama i want a tattoo with malik on it, rest in peace what. do i say to a child that wants to remember his brother? >> we hope they can find something to sustain them but this is ill skplel something we're bound to investigate and prosecute. >> she says she thought if a parent gave consent koit be okay to get a at that time yoo. the child got his tattoo featuring the old jersey number. >> and there is something unusual out of a farm in ohio. >> right. >> you're not going to believe this. good night sleep on a mattress for a cow. they're sleeping in water beds
4:50 pm
and milk production intruce intruced -- increased dramatically. >> each cow gets to sleep on a $300 a piece water bed. >> they look comfortable. >> i may check in. >> he says they helped eliminate sores and promote better health. >> they lay on the water mattress they don't have pressure point on their knee autos we've noticed in last five months and six month that's our milk quality has gone up quite a bit. >> and that means better milk means higher prices for the milk. >> they do look happy. >> and there is a little hay to make it more comfy. >> and a delivery that has the postal service investigating. >> one man's treasure another man's art. the people who are making san francisco city dump a more
4:51 pm
beautiful place. ahead. >> and later on abc 7 news how insurance companies will try to use november electrics to determine your rates. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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this man is donating $7.5 million to help fix up the washington monument. he's a billionaire businessman who co-founded the carlisle group. this will help fix earthquake damage to the monument. last summer's quake caused numerous cracks. the group hopes to raise $350 million. >> do not call it trash. it's art. it was once trash. there is an art gallery at a disposeal center near candle
4:55 pm
stick park and an exhibition opens there tomorrow. a keyboard controlled by a lap top. and welcome to studios of the two current artists at recology this, is the finished work. and this is their resource. the place where people drop off crash. >> i had no idea what i was buying. >> any wood product that seem to have effort and time into it was interesting to me. >> this is like a treasure hunt. look at what terry has done. >> reinterpreting the world and using these materialses in a way to sort of capture ideas
4:56 pm
i'm thinking about. >> and for me this piece is about consumptionful wait waet on an individual and weight that is having on our environment. >> i'm exploring different ways of telling the story. >> and there is new resource autos it's done by by hand, material that's found here, paper and drawing material autos this hundreds of artists have gone through in 21 years. and they give tours by appointment and hope to works might be inspirational. >> when meeting the artist see what artists are doing with the materials we hope this encourages them to reuse materials. >> and. >> this is very cool its open
4:57 pm
tomorrow and saturday and near candle stick park. >> postal service is taking interest in a delivery taking 36 years. this edition of ms magazine arrived on tuesday. he called local tv station to come. yesterday, postal service stop bid to take it back. an inspector says he wasn't the intended recipient. >> it sat somewhere and the postal service for 36 years. and now... i will guarantee you that we'll go through a thousand dollars of federal bureaucracy to find out where it came from when is -- which is a mystery. >> it was addressed to a woman living at smith's address before he moved 25 years ago. >> and thanks for joining us for the news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
you can track of the latest breaking news and talk about it on the news continues right now. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi has a day in court on domestic violence charges and now, lawyers are wrangling over how long he must stay away from his wife and child. >> this rain may bring an end to the dry winter season. >> why having an affair is a bad idea if you've had a heart attack. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos rain is here and more is on the way. >> and that is good news for the bay area. and something not expected to change into the weekend. >> this has been so dry,
4:59 pm
rainfall we're expecting will likely just help sat rate the hillside. >> the city of novato draws it's water from the reservoir. >> and so let's take a look at the rain that is falling so far. enough to cause puddles to form outside city hall. and there is sandhya patel. >> i want to show you live doppler 7. you'll see it's covering the bay area. there are holes there. most of the bay area getting wet now. and let's show where we're seeing moderate rainfall. in the north bay we're seeing some moderate rainfall here,

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